Information provided to the data subject on the processing of general and sensitive personal data.

In accordance with article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June, 2003 (hereinafter referred to as the "Law"), and in relation to the personal data which are intended to be processed, we would like to inform you as follows:
1. Matrunita will collect certain personal data from users, particularly name, e-mail address, User ID and password, aggregate information while browsing this website, other personal data willingly supplied by the individual user at registration or at the time of the request for goods or services offered by our site or of the request for information sent to Matrunita via e-mail.
2. Processing is done by automated means but, in certain circumstances, it could also be carried out without the aid of electronic or in any case automated means and consists of the operations indicated in article 4, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Law or parts thereof.
3. Giving personal data is optional, so as to be able to access sections of our website reserved for registered users and for information requests or the provision of goods and services, it would be necessary to provide personal data.
4. In the cases referred to in paragraph 3 above, any refusal to provide personal data may make it impossible to register to the website or to receive the requested goods or services or to receive a response to an information request.
5 Personal data may be communicated, for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1, to other companies associated with Matrunita, to its outside consultants or to its business partners.
6. Personal data may not be disclosed.
7. Any personal data which has been provide may be transferred outside the national territory for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 1 above, in accordance with the Law and in such manner as to safeguard such rights as are attributed by Law to controllers.
8. Article 7 of the Law confers specific rights to the data subject, including those of obtain from the controller confirmation about whether there exists or not any personal data concerning the data subject and their communication in intelligible form; to be aware of the data source, besides of the logic and purposes on which the processing is based; to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of any unlawfully processed data, as well as the updating, correction or, if so needed, integration of data; to object, for legitimate reasons, to its processing.
9. The data controller is Matrunita Mediterranea Srl with registered office in Via Trieste 25, 17047 Vado Ligure (SV), Italy.
10. The Data Subject is entitled to know, at any time, about any data personally related to him/her and how these will be used. The Data Subject is also entitled to update, supplement, correct or delete them, request their blocking and object to their processing.
11. To exercise these rights, you may contact Matrunita Mediterranea Srl, Via Trieste 25, 17047 Vado Ligure (SV), Italy or fax number +39. 019 450.21.53 or e-mail: where you can also come to know the list of existing Managers.

Privacy Information Sheet on how to conduct remote communications

Matrunita Mediterranea Srl (hereinafter Matrunita) would like to be able to establish direct contact with its customers and, therefore, with you, for the development of communication, marketing and market research activities, with an aim of improving our services and our products and to inform you beforehand of any new products and business opportunities.
In compliance with data protection rules we ask you to allow us to use your non-sensitive personal data.
So that you can express your informed consent we would like to inform you of the following:
Purpose of use of personal data
If you agree, we will be able to:
• effect market research, statistical surveys, quality analysis of services and initiatives dedicated to collecting information, in order to understand your true needs, opinions and requirements. This will allow us to improve our offer.
• communicate news and promotional opportunities to you for products and services which might interest you.
We can also communicate news and opportunities to you concerning the products and/or services of:
• Associated or affiliated with Matrunita;
• Outside companies with which Matrunita has established partnerships and collaboration agreements.
Your personal data will only be used with methods and procedures which are strictly necessary to carry out the above activities.
How we can communicate with you: means of distance communication
To establish direct contact with you, besides sending you correspondence, we would also like to use remote distance communication such as fax, e-mail, etc.
In order to fulfil our obligations relating to the confidentiality of the personal data communicated to us, we follow certain security procedures regarding the submission, storage and processing of data entrusted to us, in such manner as to prevent unauthorised access to those data.
Who are the data subjects involved?
Communication and marketing activities described above can be carried out by Matrunita and by its agents and associates even by availing itself of specialised companies, besides IT, telematic, telecommunications, storage and postal services which are entrusted with technical or organisational tasks.
These data subjects perform the role of data supervisors or processors or act as separate processing controllers. We would also like to make clear that these processing supervisors or processors may come to be aware of our employees and/or associates who may be involved from time to time in accordance with their respective tasks.
The consent we are seeking from you therefore also relates to the activities of those data subjects whose list, as constantly updated, may be easily and freely known by requesting it from our Customer Services.
These are the data subjects who may be in direct contact with you. For these reasons we would like to highlight that all our associates and, especially, external companies are subjects trusted by us, who have been carefully and meticulously selected.
Your personal data will not be disclosed.
Your consent
We ask that you to read carefully our consent requests, stating that your consent to the processing of personal data in connection with the execution of promotional activities is completely voluntary and that any possible refusal by you will have no effect about providing the product or the service requested by you.
Consent for Matrunita's promotional activities relating to subsidiary and associated companies
Here you consent to the use of your non-sensitive data for the purpose of communications and promotional activities of our products and/or services and of products and/or services of Matrunita's subsidiary and associated companies.
These promotional activities are carried out by Matrunita or by third parties acting on our behalf even by using the above means of distance communication.
Consent to carry out market surveys made by Matrunita
Here you consent to the use of your non-sensitive data to carry out market research, quality surveys, analyses and investigations for statistical purposes relating to products, services and customers' needs.
These tasks are performed by Matrunita or by other companies acting on our behalf which may even use the above means of distance communication.
Consent to carry out promotional activities made by Matrunita and related to other Matrunita partner companies
Here you consent to the use of your non-sensitive data to carry out communications and promotional initiatives of products and/or services of other companies with which Matrunita has established partnership relations. These promotional activities are carried out by Matrunita or by other companies operating on its behalf even by making use of the above means of distance communication.
Security and transparency
You may contact our privacy service should you like:
• to have a list of all data subjects who, following your consent, may use your data
• to know the name of the data processing Supervisors and to have more detailed information about the persons you may become aware of as being in charge of processing
• exercise your right to know at any time about your data and how they are being used besides updating, correcting, supplementing and deleting them, requesting their blocking or objecting to their processing.
You may contact our Privacy Service (whose interim manager is also the processing supervisor):
• on fax +39. 019 450.21.53;
• at e-mail address;
• by writing to: a Matrunita Mediterranea Srl, Via Trieste 25, 17047 Vado Ligure (SV), Italy.
Short information note on the use of cookies
When you visit the website, we collect information from your computer and assign you a cookie (a small, unique identifier text file). This data would not be subsequently provided by you, but it will be collected automatically so as to support your visits to our website. This cookie does not contain any personal data. You may opt at any time not to receive a cookie file by enabling your web browser to reject cookies or to ask you about accepting a cookie.
At the same time, if you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to access the several services and planning tools offered by Matrunita.
Permanent cookie files remain on your computer's hard drive unless they are manually deleted by you.
This information also applies to file cookies which may be inserted on your hard drive even by third-party advertising companies appointed by Matrunita. These companies may use aggregated data about your visits to this and other websites with an aim of providing advertisements about travel goods and services which may be of particular  interest to you. The data which they collect do not include your personal data.
Third-party advertising companies may in turn use technologies intended to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. This is mainly achieved by using a Web beacon (a single-pixel GIF), which is inserted on our Website to collect anonymous data. They may use this anonymous data when you visit this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services which may be of particular  interest to you. During this process, no personal data are collected. The data shall be and will remain anonymous and will neither be linked to any online action, nor to any kind of spamming regarding an identifiable subject.